What is AllMyLinks?

AllMyLinks is a link in bio tool used to link your Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, and other social media platforms in one place. It is a feature-rich tool that offers you the option of sending a welcome message that all your followers will automatically get.

The welcome message can be anything from a warm welcome note to a behind the scenes footage, or even an exclusive update. Other impressive features include the ability to receive payment for your endorsements, revenues, and donations directly to your PayPal account.

A PayPal account linked to your AllMyLinks account means a real-time transfer of money, with a very low percentage deducted as commission. There is no middle agent in the process, which is unlike what most other link in bio platforms offer. Content creators using AllMyLinks also get the chance to notify their followers whenever they are online on any of the platforms linked to the creator. Two more noteworthy features include absolutely zero fee charge for using the AllMyLinks platform and the availability of advanced analytics for no cost.

AllMyLinks provides one bio link with the option of adding unlimited links to your profile. You receive 90% of the payouts on your sales, and you have the option to customize your page as and how you want. There is even an option of adding custom thumbnails for each of your social media accounts. The presence of these many features at absolutely no cost is what makes AllMyLinks a popular choice for many users worldwide.

What is a link in bio tool?

Instagram has a built-in option of adding a link in your bio. You can change this link by going to the ‘Edit Profile’ option under your profile. At this point, you must be wondering, if Instagram already has a feature to let us add a link to our bio, why care for a link in bio tool?

While Instagram gives the option of adding a bio link, clicking on that link will land you on a particular webpage. This webpage is what the user will see when they click on the link under your bio. Sadly, this webpage is the only thing they will see when they click on your bio link. You can change this webpage as you wish, but you do not have the option of giving your follower an option of choosing between a few links. On the surface, this may not seem to be a problem, but let us illustrate to you with an example of how detrimental this can be to your growth.

Let us assume that you are a fitness influencer, who is also actively into travel vlogging. It is fairly common to find influencers creating content focused on multiple fields. If you happen to be involved in fitness and travel, Instagram will let you put just one website to your bio link. You will have to choose what to showcase to your followers: fitness content or travel content. The inability to present multiple contents to your followers will severely restrict your growth.

Another drawback of this comes into play if you sell your products through social media. Drawing customer’s attention is of utmost importance if you want more and more people to know about and buy your products. If your customers always land on the same page from your bio, you will only get limited responses from them. It is essential to show them the full range of your products in order to draw and keep their attention. With link in bio tools, you also have the option of making new announcements on all your social media profiles while maintaining other important links.

The benefits of using a link in bio tool skyrocket when you put into consideration social media platforms other than Instagram.

To get a boost in your business, it is very necessary to extend your reach to any different social media platforms. Be it Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Tinder, Twitch, Linkedin, or any other platform, you can add a bio link to all of them at once with a link in bio tool.

When all your followers have simultaneous access to all the latest updates, announcements, and products, you will see a growth in your business in no time. If you are a blogger, you can add your latest pieces to your bio. The same goes for creators in the entertainment industry.

Link in bio apps give you a better interface to interact with your followers. Strengthening this bond will greatly help you in your endeavors.

What can I do with AllMyLinks?

AllMyLinks lets you add one link to all your social media profiles, which will land them on a list of web pages they can visit with a single click. It is a great way to endorse your product or service. A link in bio also helps you sell more products and make more revenue.

With the AllMyLinks link in bio tool, you can put all your social media and professional accounts in one place. No matter what type of account it is, if it involves people visiting your profile and having access to a link, you can add it to your AllMyLinks account.

AllMyLinks also lets you accept payment directly to your PayPal account. The money will be directly transferred from the customer’s account to your account. You can easily set up your PayPal account with your AllMyLinks account by going to the settings menu. From there, you need to go to the ‘Payouts’ option. Then choose PayPal from a drop-down menu that gives you different modes of accepting payments.

AllMyLinks also lets you accept payment directly to your PayPal account. The money will be directly transferred from the customer’s account to your account. You can easily set up your PayPal account with your AllMyLinks account by going to the settings menu. From there, you need to go to the ‘Payouts’ option. Then choose PayPal from a drop-down menu that gives you different modes of accepting payments.

AllMyLinks lets you send a welcome message to all your new followers. A welcome message is a great way to connect with new followers. You can customize your welcome message however you want. You can easily set your welcome message by going to Settings and then selecting the ‘Messages’ option. From here you have to turn on the welcome message option and update the content of the welcome message. Once you are done, all of your followers will get the welcome message from you.

Letting your followers know when you are going live on a social media platform will increase your engagement with the audience. AllMyLinks comes with a feature that notifies all your followers the moment you are going live on a social media platform. To do this, simply go to your AllMyLinks page and select the social media platform(s) you are planning to go live in. After selecting, choose ‘I’m live!’ option from the three-dot menu at the top.

Is AllMyLinks free? How much does All My Links cost?

AllMyLinks is absolutely free to use, for any social media platform. You even get advanced analytics and customization options for free. Signing up and using AllMyLinks can be done without paying any fee.

How to open an account on AllMyLinks?

To open an account in AllMyLinks, you have to simply head over to their page and click on the ‘Sign up for AllMyLinks.com’ button. Alternatively, you can also log in through your Twitter, Facebook, or Google account. Signing up requires nothing more than your name and email id. After signing up, you will be guided through the basics of the tool. The user interface is also intuitive, which makes the learning curve very easy.

AllMyLinks alternatives

Below are listed some of the popular alternatives of AllMyLinks.

One Master Link

OneMasterLink is a safe and effective link in bio tool that assures top notch privacy and security. With an OneMasterLink account, you get to keep all your social media content and pay per view content in one place.

You also get to put a paywall to all your content and buyers can have easy access to all your products and services with just one click.

The tool is developed by Content Creators themselves to meet the needs of their work. OneMasterLink simplifies the process of selling PPV content and automating SFS requests in one place. It is a great tool for anybody serious about growing their content.


Linktree is another popular link in bio tool that lets you add all your landing pages to a single link that your followers can visit. Linktree has both free and premium plans. A premium plan costs $6 and gives you access to a number of professional features. You get priority support and a detailed breakdown of your analytics with Linktree’s pro version. You can customize many elements of your profile, and store your sign ups directly to Google Sheets. Linktree is a reliable link in tool bio loved by many people.


Beacons.ai is another popular link in bio tool used today. Apart from the regular functionalities of a link in bio tool, Beacons offers great tools for monetizing your account. You have the option of directly accepting requests from fans, and fans can pay you directly for meeting their requests. Its efficient AI lets you set up your page in no time.

You also get great customization options. You can access all of the basic features for free, while the $10 per month entrepreneur membership gives you even more features to grow your social media and business.