What is Beacons.ai?

Beacons describes itself as ‘A website that can keep up with your content’. That is exactly what the Beacons team has sought to achieve. At first glance, Beacons might look like another link in bio app that lands users to a particular webpage from a social media page. But beacon manages to do much more than that. Anyone even remotely accustomed to Instagram or TikTok must have seen these link in bio pages on the profiles of social media influencers or businesses.

David Zeng, Jesse Zeng, and Neal Jean founded this company in 2019, and it is based out of Stanford, California. Beacons does not stop after simply redirecting users to a certain webpage. Its additional features give fans the ability to make video requests to content creators, influencers, and brands. Fans have the option of paying for a personally requested video, and the content is delivered within 7 days. If the content provider fails to deliver the video in 7 days, the user gets a full refund. Creators always have the option of refusing to make videos on requests they don’t feel comfortable with.

If you are a digital content creator, Beacon also secures your privacy. No personal information about content creators is given to the fans who are paying for a video. Beacon also features a website builder. The tool gives creators an amazing collection of tools to more effectively monetize their community. Monetization is done through donations, sales, paid requests, affiliate shopping, and more.

What is a link in bio tool?

Even if you have seen the link in bio option multiple times while browsing through Instagram, their purpose can seem confusing to the general user. Instagram already allows you to add a link to your bio. It also gives us the swipe up feature to reach any website with just a single swipe.

Why are link in bio tools still relevant?

You can get the answer yourself by paying more attention to Instagram the next time you swipe up to get to a website or click a link on someone’s bio that is not generated by any link in bio tool. Instagram lets the creator put just one link to their bio. Same goes for the swipe up feature. That totally beats the purpose of having links in your bio in many cases. For example, if a small business owner wants to link their products on their social media page, they will be left with the option of only linking one particular webpage to the account. If that one page fails to impress the viewer, their chances of sales go down. In a digital world where everyone is fighting for the user’s attention, this is a serious drawback.

Link in bio tools deal with this problem by listing a number of links when a user clicks on the link in your bio. By showing a user the range of services or value you or your business offers, the chances of getting them hooked to your page increases. If your brand or business targets a demographically diverse population, you can list different links targeted at different groups.

The ability to showcase your content, brand, and vision is way less if you are not using any link in bio tool.

What can I do with Beacons?

Apart from doing what every other link in bio tools can do (list a number of links to the link in your bio), Beacons have a feature that they call ‘blocks’.

These blocks are shown to you after you have answered a set of questions. The questions are about what type of content you make and what monetization options you would like to make use of. The blocks given to you are also customizable. Some of the blocks they offer include SMS and email collection modules, music blocks for a track or album, Twitter blocks to embed links to a tweet or a Twitter profile, video blocks for video creators in Youtube or TikTok. They also offer the standard link blocks, which are identical to that of other link in bio tools.

The range of options in Beacons is unparalleled. Their Friends block lets you connect with friends on Beacons, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok. Beacon.ai’s monetization blocks set it apart from all other link in bio tools. The monetization block lets you take up fan requests for particular content. You can set up a separate menu for it.

Creators have the option of sending out a personal or public reply to the requests made. You also get the option of selling products digitally and receive donations from fans. The Tiktok shopping feature is an amazing option that allows you to embed links to products you want to sell or endorse within the Tiktok video itself. Whenever a unit is purchased from your link, you will earn a revenue. It is one of the best monetization features in all link in bio apps.

Is Beacons free? How much does beacons.ai cost?

Beacon.ai offers two ways to sign up. You can either sign up as a creator or as an entrepreneur. If you are signing up as a creator, the services provided will be absolutely free. The entrepreneur option costs $10 every month.

Even if you sign up for free as a creator, you will have access to all the monetization features. Though the transaction fee is 9% for creators, while it is 5% for entrepreneurs. Signing up as an entrepreneur for $10 per month gives you access to the Youtube autopilot feature, and a bunch of customization features like custom domain, custom favicon, additional blocks, free SSL certificate and the option to remove Beacons logo.

The entrepreneur option also includes marketing features like Email/SMS Zapier integration, Facebook pixel, Google Analytics, UTM parameters, and Custom meta. Apart from all these additional features, an entrepreneur account makes you eligible for priority support. The entrepreneur option definitely adds more functionality to your Beacons account.

But if you are just starting your journey as a digital creator, or are unsure about how Beacons works, the free sign up as a creator is a great launching pad.

How to open an account?

Opening an account in Beacons is very simple. First, you have to sign up using a social media platform like Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, youtube, TikTok. If you have not linked your email, you will need to do so. Another option is to link your Beacons account to your Facebook account. After you are done signing up, you have to personalize your page from the Accounts>Appearance tab. Then you have to add some links and activate your email list. You can engage with fans from the Request tab and stock your store from the Store tab. After you are done setting up your account, post your beacon link to other platforms, and you are good to go.

Beacons alternatives

Like Beacons, there are other links in bio tools available. There is no one size fits all in the world of link in bio tools. Each has its own pros and cons. You must judge for yourself which platform gives you the best value and opportunity to showcase yourself and earn money simultaneously. Here are some Beacons.ai alternatives listed.

One Master Link

OneMasterLink brings together all your social media and PPV links in one place.

The tool was developed for creators using the OnlyFans platform.

OneMasterLink assures safe and secure transactions with fans and lets you SFS with other creators. You can create a profile with an OnlyFans username, or choose a new one. Then you can list all your social media links and add a paywall to your PPV content.

You can use the same link across all your social media profiles. Viewers can directly choose what content, service, or product they want to buy from you. OneMasterLink simplifies the process of handling links in bio tools and does a very effective work at promoting your content.


Linktree is offered both as a freemium service and as a pro subscription. There is also a separate plan for businesses and enterprises.

The pro version gives you more customization features and better analytics. Linktree also lets users add their Amazon store profile as an affiliate link. Creating and managing a linktree profile is easy, powered by their intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Apart from these additional features, linktree does the basic work of a link in bio tool effectively.


Allmylinks is another beacon.ai alternative that does a good job at managing all your links in one place.

You can connect your Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, or another website to your Allmylinks account. It lets you update your followers about all your social media activity in real time. They also provide an option of accessing a detailed analytics tool that can show market trends and scope for growth.

Allmylinks gives you a lot of customization options without charging any additional fee and gives you 90% of the total payout from your earnings. You can also get paid directly on PayPal, and have an option of sending a personalized welcome message to all your followers and fans.