What is Linktree?

Linktree is a link in bio tool that allows you to share just one url which contains all your social media accounts or links to whatever you want.

And why would you use it?

Because most platforms only allow you to share one link on your profile, and if you have a big audience across several social media accounts, you want to have something that allows them to find all of them in the same place!

What is a link in bio tool?

Landing pages of social media handles are becoming a significant aspect of brand building. With the advent of the influencer economy, simultaneous use of multiple social media is inevitable. But, most platforms restrict the display of multiple hyperlinks in a profile. Such a limitation is a big hurdle for promoting your content, pages, etc. It can negatively impact your online presence and social media marketing endeavors.

Especially in social media platforms such as Instagram, currently, you can post only a single link. Moreover, frequently changing this link is not a viable option. At this juncture, influencers and content marketers are looking for alternatives for posting a link to a dynamic landing page. A link in bio tool helps in optimizing your bio link on various social media platforms. With this tool, you can create a landing page with links to your entire social media portfolio. You can include multiple media pages, blogs, content on this page and create a link. Later, you can place this link on your bio to redirect your visitors to the page. Every time you update your landing page, the link automatically gets updated. In short, a link in bio tool is inevitable for any influencer/marketer to optimize their online presence.

Today, there are numerous link in bio tools available in the market. Linktree is a pioneer in the link in bio segment. In this article you will learn about Linktree and other similar applications that can grow your social media presence.

What can I do with Linktree?

Linktree is undoubtedly the most popular link in bio tool in the social media world today. Started in 2016, it has more than 5 million users across the globe. The Linktree profile is a boon for Content Creators and influencers irrespective of the social media platform. Linktree helps you in creating a link (short URL) to a landing page profile. In this profile, you can feature navigation links to multiple sites such as blogs, e-commerce sites, social media handles, etc. This single link can then be shared on multiple sites for driving traffic to the respective website with a single click.

  • Create multiple links
  • The primary aspect of Linktree is to enable maximum visibility to your sites. Once you create your landing page profile, you can incorporate unlimited links in this. It also allows you to remove and add links as per requirement.

  • Drive more traffic
  • You can use Linktree to redirect your followers to different pages. This helps in driving more traffic to these sites. For an influencer, it helps in marketing and subsequent monetization.

  • Customize page design
  • In social media, attractive visuals are the key factor that drives viewer engagement. A good landing page design increases the credibility of your profile. Linktree offers numerous themes and backgrounds for customizing the page. The option for customization enables consistency in brand communication.

  • Conduct social media analytics
  • An important measure of success in influencer marketing is the level of viewer engagement. Data analytics plays a crucial role in gauging this. Linktree offers features such as:

    1. Views and clicks on the link
    2. Click-through rate (CTR)
    3. User-friendly analytics charts
    4. Insights on social media popularity.

  • Multiple platform integration
  • Linktree offers seamless integration with all the leading social media and sharing platforms. You can embed links from social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, Clubhouse, etc. By showcasing these links, you can increase viewer engagement. Apart from social media, it captures direct email sign up for newsletter applications such as Mail Chimp.

  • Scheduling of links
  • Promotional posts and offers are highly dependent on the posting schedule. Most social media platforms offer a feature to schedule your posts for maximum reach. Similarly, Linktree has an option for scheduling links for a convenient time in the future.

Is Linktree free? How much does Linktree cost?

Linktree offers a gamut of features that are useful for businesses, freelancers, and Content Creators. The basic Linktree account is free of cost and has limited features. For users looking for serious business growth and social media visibility, the company offers a premium paid account. The details of various subscription plans are as follows

  • Free Plan
  • The basic plan from Linktree is free without any time limit. Anybody with a valid email address can sign up and access this plan instantly. The plan offers basic features that are suitable for influencers and amateur bloggers. You can operate a single account by choosing this. Even with this free plan, users can create an unlimited number of links. It also comes with some basic themes for customizing your profile. In the case of analytics, the free account offers insights into the number of clicks on your link. Beyond that, the free plan has certain limitations that don’t suit professional bloggers and large companies. If you are looking for active leads from online marketing, it is better to opt for a paid subscription.

  • Linktree Pro Account
  • The Linktree Pro plan is very affordable, with a monthly fee of $6. The features in this plan are highly beneficial for optimizing your social media account. Apart from the aspect of unlimited links, it offers a leap linking option and link scheduling.

    Unlike the free plan, here you can access numerous premium themes. It also offers a high level of customization for making your profile stand out from the crowd. In the free plan, you can carry out in-depth analytics. This helps in the proper planning of social media profiles for maximum reach.

    The Pro plan from Linktree offers seamless integration with numerous social media platforms, newsletter applications, and Google Analytics. For Pro account holders, the Linktree team offers priority customer support and advance security features.

How to open an account on Linktree?

Opening an account in Linktree is very simple. The detailed process is as follows

  • Sign up on the Linktree website using a valid email address
  • Choose a secure password
  • Login to the site and select the categories that match with your brand/activity
  • Select your plan- Free or Pro, based on your requirement
  • Now you can add links to your Linktree URL (linktr.ee/your name)
  • Share or paste the URL in different platforms.

You can initially sign up for free and try the basic plan. Later you can upgrade to the pro version anytime. After opting for the Pro version, you need to pay a monthly fee of US$ 6. The Pro version will provide access to numerous premium features that can boost your online presence.

Linktree alternatives

Link in bio tools plays a crucial role in optimizing the potential of multiple social media platforms. It is a must-have tool for any influencer or social media marketer. Linktree being a first mover has a lot of advantages. But, now you can find different alternatives for Linktree in the market. Most of these innovative applications offer high-end features at a low cost.

Check out some of these options that can replace a Linktree profile.

One Master Link

One Master Link is an excellent link in bio tool that has unique features for supporting Content Creators. It is a powerful alternative to existing tools such as Linktree, beacon, etc.

Unlike other platforms, it has a user-friendly interface and is very easy to configure. With a single master link, you can add/manage all your content in a single place. The application is free of cost and offers premium features.

Using One Master Link, you can easily sell PPV (Pay-per-view) content without paying any commission or transaction fees. Unlike the traditional link in bio tools, it has an SFS (Shoutout for Shoutout) feature that helps creators amplify their presence. One Master link provides detailed and insightful analytics for keeping track of your content performance.

All My Links

AllMyLinks is a free service that offers link in bio features similar to Linktree. It provides a lot of premium features even in the free account. You can add an unlimited number of links to your page. The best feature in AllMyLinks is the option of advanced analytics.

It provides deep insights into viewer engagement. In Linktree, you need to opt for a Pro plan for accessing similar features. The site offers a feature where you can earn money using the content.

The page customization options on the site are also very impressive. In short, it is a good alternative to Linktree.


The beacons.ai has features similar to Linktree. It offers two types of accounts. They are:

  • Creator – This is a basic account free of cost
  • Entrepreneur- US$ 10/Month fee for subscription.

The creator plan comes with limited features that are enough for basic operations. In the entrepreneur plan, there are numerous plans that support influencer marketing.

The AI technology-powered site automatically sets up your page in less than a minute. You can also customize it as per requirement. With a minimal transaction fee, you can monetize your content very easily. The analytics feature keeps track of your account performance and trends.

This helps in designing better content for marketing efforts. For paid accounts, the team offers high-priority technical support and sensitive content warnings.

This website gives a high priority to User Experience and design, but keep things simple and totally free. In short, it is a useful tool for professionals and beginners in content/influencer marketing.