One Link to Rule them All!

All your Social Media links and PPV Content in one place

what is one master link

🎈 What

One Master Link is the only link you need to keep in place all your Social Media and PPV to sell it directly to your customers. A tool developed for OnlyFans Content Creators that allows you to sell your PPV Content easily and safely, do SFS with other Content Creators, and link all your social media and websites!

All your links in a single place

how one master link helps you gain followers

🌡 How

Create a profile on One Master Link using your OnlyFans username or choose the one you want. Add all your Social Media links and put a paywall on your PPV content, phone number, Snapchat... Use this link all across your Social Media and OnlyFans Bio so users can find you easily and purchase from you directly!

Add all your links without limits!

OnlyFans Content Creators

πŸ”“ Who

We are Content Creators. We needed many functionalities, so we created this platform to help us do things easily. Selling PPV Content, automating SFS requests, and providing our fans with all our information in just one place! We are empowering Content Creators so they have the freedom to choose how to reach their customers!

By Content Creators for Content Creators!

Help Content Creators get more subscriptors

πŸ’– Why

Because we needed a tool that helps us to be closer to our clients! We can have a place to sell our PPV content in a safe way instead of using Telegram. And SFS needed to be automated so it's easier to manage! In One Master Link you can send SFS request to your friends with just a couple clicks! We built the tool that nobody built for us, empowering ourselves and the OnlyFans Content Creator community!

To help Creators have an easier life


One Master Link

All your Content in the same place. Add and delete links easily and without changing your Master link


Unlimited Links

Forget about paying to add more links to your profile. You can have as many as you want for free!


Sell PPV Content

Don't use Telegram or Twitter to sell Content, sell it here safely and without comission!


Automatic SFS

Send and receive SFS requests, links will be added to your profile and removed automatically



Check the performance of each link in an intuitive way and optimize your sales!


One Master Link allows you to manage all your Social Media links from just one place. This way, on the bio of each of your networks you only have to place your One Master Link and you do not have to edit it every time you make changes

All that you want! In OML you can add social networks, links to websites, phones, playlists ... there are no limitations, so make sure you tell your fans all the sites where they can find you

Sure! You can place your links in the order you prefer, putting at the top the ones that interest you the most for your fans to see

Of course, when you log into your profile you will be able to see how many people follow you and how many you are following

This is a very useful feature for your account to gain followers! An SFS (or shoutout for shoutout) consists of exchanging the links of your One Master Link with another person. At the top of your wall the link to their OML is displayed, and the link to yours is displayed on their wall. This way, you both benefit from the followers that the other account has and you can win many fans. The process is automatic and when you send an SFS request, if the other account accepts, the links are shared for the time you have determined without you having to do anything else.

You can trade up to 5 SFS at the same time. Each time one of these SFS expires, the slot is available again for another one.

You choose the duration of the SFS, the minimum time is 1 hour and the maximum time is 60 hours or 2.5 days.

Yes, you can change your username in OML as long as the one you want to choose is free.

Yes! You can activate a 1-hour notice to notify fans that you are doing a Live on one of your networks, for example, on Twitch.

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